You’ve probably heard the term “Blockchain” being mentioned a lot with the likes of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. But the importance and scope of the blockchain technology go way beyond just making transactions. Let’s understand this technology a bit better.

Imagine a large building where everyone works. That building contains a large billboard where everyone’s work is visible to everyone else. This is done in a very special way that no one can change what has been written or add anything false. While it might be hard to comprehend, this is exactly what blockchain is like, a super transparent and safe kind of technology.

Blockchain is like a network of computers, which are called nodes, all talking to each other. When a transaction takes place, each of these computers records it and then tells the other computers about it. This creates a chain of computers all having the same copy of transactions and there is no single authority. This makes the whole system super safe as well as free from the control of any single party.

This technology is being used in the world of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but also has bigger potential. It can change how we deal with information and transactions in many other fields. Chats and messages could become more secure, apps could run more smoothly and even voting could be safer and more transparent. It could also solve complicated issues like identity theft and piracy.

Government agencies, FMCG companies, banks, tech firms, car manufacturers and so many more are realizing the potential chain of trust that blockchain offers. That’s why it’s being used to create public records, deliver goods, manage energy and so much more.

But as with all technologies, there are concerns too. Not everyone is sure if everything should be so transparent or how to protect our privacy in this new, open world. Technical questions about the energy requirements, costs and scale of blockchain also remain to be answered.

That said, the blockchain represents a big leap in technology which could possibly make our world more secure, transparent and productive. Being open to understanding this technology better could be a good step towards the future, for everyone.

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