If you’re fascinated by the giant companies that have built tech solutions and shaped the world as we know it, you’re definitely not alone. A company like Google, for example, has changed our lives in so many ways. One of the biggest changes Google has brought is the ability to access large amounts of information with just a few clicks. This is groundbreaking because, before Google, finding and using information could be a lengthy and difficult process.

Google’s success is largely credited to its superior algorithms and state-of-the-art technology, but there’s one unpublicized series of events that also played a huge role: It’s the “Great Migration” that took place in 2007, where the company moved all its operations from traditional database systems to a distributed computing platform called BigTable. Now you may wonder, why do we care about BigTable, and what even is it?

Well, BigTable is a super smart system that Google developed to work with its information. It helps Google search and retrieve data quickly and efficiently, regardless of the scale of operation. This is critical for a company like Google, which has to deal with a vast amount of data every second.

Before the Great Migration, Google used to store all its data in a traditional database system, which worked just fine when the amount of data was manageable. But as Google started to grow and gather more and more data, this old-fashioned system couldn’t keep up anymore. It was slow, crash-prone, and just not suitable for a growing global tech leader. So, Google decided to make a daring move and switch to this revolutionary BigTable system.

Moving all of Google’s countless data from the old system to BigTable was a challenging task. Think of it like moving all your belongings from one house to another, but on a massive scale. However, Google nailed it! By the end of 2007, the Great Migration was complete, and Google was successfully operating on BigTable. Google’s services became faster and more reliable, mainly because BigTable can store and retrieve data much more efficiently.

The truth is, this move wasn’t just important for Google – it had a broad effect on the whole tech world. BigTable has become a model for other tech companies wanting to handle vast amounts of data. For instance, Facebook adopted Google’s innovation and created its own version known as Cassandra.

So, the next time you search for something on Google or log into your Facebook account, take a moment to remember the Great Migration. It may not make headlines like new gadgets or apps do, but without it, the digital world wouldn’t be the same. Achievements like these highlight how big tech companies like Google do more than just build products; they also push boundaries and drive innovation.

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