There’s a secret to being happy and successful in a job and it’s all about fostering positive relationships. The way people work together and connect within a work space, either face-to-face or virtually, dramatically impacts job satisfaction and productivity.

To be a star at work, it’s not just about being good at your job. That’s important, but it’s also about getting on well with others. People who have great relationships with their coworkers tend to do better in their jobs. Sometimes, the quality of these relationships even surpasses the importance of job skills.

So, how do you build these relationships? It’s simpler than it might sound. It’s about showing empathy, respect and politeness towards others. It’s also about how you communicate, either through words, actions, or body language. But remember, it has to be genuine. People can sense fake positivity from a mile away.

You know how it feels when someone interrupts you? It’s not good, right? Polite people don’t do this. They make sure to listen when someone else is talking, and never rudely cut anyone off. They also try and see things from the other person’s perspective. If someone’s having a bad day, they don’t just ignore it or make things worse. Instead, they offer support and understanding.

Secondly, respecting other people’s views is crucial. At work, there will be times when people will have different opinions. It’s essential to handle these moments with grace. Everyone’s opinion matters, and everyone wants to feel heard and valued. Remember, arguing or disregarding another person’s point of view will only result in bad feelings and damage relationships.

Communication also plays a vital role in building robust relationships. It’s not just what you say, but also how you say it. A firm hand-shake, direct eye contact, a pleasant tone of voice, and a bright smile can all send positive signals. On the other hand, being sarcastic or cynical, speaking in a condescending way, or looking bored when someone else is speaking, can have the opposite effect. It’s important that you focus on effective and positive communication.

Lastly, approachability is key for building great relationships. An approachable person is always open to conversations, questions and ideas, and that openness encourages healthy relationships.

So remember, at work, successful people don’t just do their job. They also focus on building positive relationships with their coworkers through empathy, respect, effective communication, and approachability. Doing this won’t just make you a better coworker, but also a happier and more successful one.

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